Dungeon Sex Slave Level 4

The final part of the game is about a damsel who is looking for a way to freedom. And therefore, a Beautiful chick was captured by slavers. She had been locked in a damp labyrinth to train her obedience. But the damsel has a solid character and being a victim is not her choice. She would like to run away from the labyrinth. You must help her do this. So look at the game display. Use the arrow buttons to stir thru the maze. There are a whole good deal of mysteries, puzzles and creatures in the maze. They will kiss or kill one if they catch you. So the critters have to be killed. You're able to locate caches of curing specimens, and weapons, armor. You can see the gimps who are locked in the cells. Save and the prize is going to likely be won by the winner. Assist the female stay alive and escape here. Then you will protect yourself. Play now »