Strip Poker with Bailey Ryder

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Like to play poker games however prfer to witness actual hotties over revived toons? Then Bailey Ryder is in your service tonight! The game rules are fairly standart - deal cards, create some bets, checks or folds. In the event you played poker before then you'll get the idea in no time. What makes the difference is your rival. Tonight it'll be actual erotic model Bailey Ryder. And she isn't going to only just arrive on few photos but in movie scenes as well. As an example if you'll take too much time making your stir she will attempt to distractyou by teasing with the view of her undies... But for how lengthy she could keep her underpants is up to you! Continue winning to make a few ingame money so you might unlock her hot disrobe flicks - that's the major thought of strip poker in the end!

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