50 shades of grey – Meet and…

So an ordinary town. The local programmer received an invitation to the new club by mail. He heard that sadism & masochism sessions are practiced at the club. And dude definitely enjoys it. However, he does not suspect how radically his life will change... Thus, late at night, the developer arrives at 44 Urban Street. He knocks on the door. After a duo of seconds, a cruel damsel in uniform opens it. Tell the lady that you have a ticket to the domination & submission display and she will let you in. So, the programmer enters the club and meets. She offers Frank to participate in this bondage & discipline show... but it ends up that this dude will probably be in the role of a sheep for intercourse. The ladies tie the stud and commence to fuck him with a big strapon in his hairy booty. Here can be the turn of events. . You have to find out what isover.

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