Meet’N’Fuck: Star Mission

This fresh game in"Mete and Fuck" series is going to take you at the space escapade which will be occurring in the beginig of the next millenium. And if you think that there will be some major troubles thanks to some monstrous intergalactic war then you are right - the mankind was almost extinct because of significantly reduced quantity of masculine population. Now every male is very protected and used to repopulate distant colonoies where they are usually transported in cryogenic capsules. You will be playing as one of those males and a sit usually happens with main characters your cryogenic capsule is going to misfortune in the middle of transportation which means that from now on you will have to deal with female team face to face. And depending upon your choices this lengthy travel might become not only dangerous but titillating too!

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Yag World Adventure Game

Within this gay adventure game you make sexy together and can meet and talk to more than 12 characters. Select your destination and who'll you speak to and what you will do. You have to browse texts and dialogs to select at the appropriate answers, BTW.

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The Ghost of Halloween

A story happened in the city. The blonde did not find the passerby and crushed him to death. Ridiculous passing. The ghost of the deceased remained on Earth to punish the stupid blonde. He prepped for quite a lengthy time. It was Halloween. A ghost appears in the blond's building. Then he comes in the building and in the room of the 2nd floor that the ghost discovers a blonde that is stupid. It is time to get vengeance. So you must appear round the mansion to locate some quest items. Start your search at kitchen, the bedroom and additional bedrooms, then from the basement. Once you discover all objects comeback to the room with the blond. And start fucking her with a baseball bat at a taut honeypot. Tie her forearms and then gag it. Because she is to blame for the own departure, rape the blond. Do it.

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